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CALL (Communication, Access, Literacy and Learning) Scotland is a small unit within the Moray House School of Education, The University of Edinburgh. The Centre is co-located with the Scottish Sensory Centre. CALL has been in existence since 1983, though our role has evolved and developed over that period (a 25th birthday commemorative booklet is available). CALL is both a Service and a Research Unit. Service activity is limited by the amount of staff time available, but is open to anyone in Scotland concerned with communication difficulties, particularly in a learning context.

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ASD Visual Aids aim is to support communication for children, young people and adults with social communication difficulties such as Autism. Research has shown that many children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorder are able to process visual tools more effectively than the spoken word. We have designed visual tools and solutions for home, care, work and educational settings that empower children and young people with these difficulties to effectively access communication.

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It's sometimes hard for someone to express their feelings to others. These mood bands are a very useful and indiscreet way to tell others how they feel.