Lynsey’s Moray Marathon – DOING IT FOR DYLAN!

Lynsey Younie raised £1570 plus gift aid for our branch by running the Moray Marathon on 6th September 2015

Here is what Lynsey said on her page:

My biggest achievements in life will always be my children Orla and Dylan.  Dylan has autism.  This doesn't define him, it just means he sees the world a little differently.
He enhances our lives in so many ways and really emphasises the important things in life...that it's not about the winning, it really is about the taking part.  It's not about how much you achieve, it's about being the best you can be.  You have one life, live it, love it, and laugh....because he does.
He's very lucky to have the best sister in Orla who always looks out for thanks for the inspiration guys and most importantly thanks for being you.... We are so very proud of you xx

A huge well done and thank you to Lynsey for doing this to raise money for the branch.