Clubs and activities

Too many people still feel isolated and find it difficult to access activities which cater for their individual needs.

The swimming club is just one example of making things easier. By creating a relaxed environment, exclusively for branch members only and open to all ages, brings huge comfort knowing there’s 100% understanding from everyone there.


Swimming Club

The swimming club has been set up to provide NAS Moray & Nairn members exclusive use of Lossiemouth swimming pool and open to all ages. We will let you know of all future dates and these generally run on a Saturday 3.30 to 4.30pm once a month. Check our calender for dates and information.


NB THESE ARE NOT DROP-OFF EVENTS – Everyone MUST complete a Branch Membership form prior to the session and inform the branch of their attendance, by email or calling Glyn Morris - Branch Officer 07779 000203

Parents/Carers MUST supervise their children or individuals in their care who require assistance at all times throughout the session.